Determining layer break info in ImgBurn

Hi all… I am backing up DL media with DVDFab and using ImgBurn as my writing software. (I have selected ImgBurn as my burning engine in DVDFab)

The problem I have is that I don’t know if I am determing the layer break properly. When ImgBurn starts it asks me to choose where the layer break should be. I read somewhere that I should find the 50/50 with the smallest padding and choose that.

However, when I am trying to play these discs in my player I often hit the layerbreak area and the DVD player freezes up and I can hear it having trouble with the disc. The counter on the front of the DVD player continues to increase. Usually, (but not always) the player will resume play several minutes later into the movie. I can then rewind back to the location where it froze up and then play normally. Its strange.

Can someone please provide me with information on how to handle the layer break process in ImgBurn when using DVDFab?

My personal choice would be not to do DLs as 1-click, but yet do it in 2 parts. First rip to the hard drive with DvdFab & then burn that with ImgBurn in Build Mode manually. Also you could post an ImgBurn DL burn log here, would provide us with more info.

It’s not always 50/50. There are other indicators. Try ImgBurn’s official forum for more information.

If you’re using DVDFab, in the preferences (the green button on the title bar) section you can choose to “Remove Layer Break” in the DVD section under “Protections” which the program chooses by default. Just uncheck the box next to it and it will rip the DVD ISO with the “factory” or original layer break intact and THEN burn it with ImgBurn.