Determine when the disc is inserted

I begin to use NeroCOM with C# recently.
How do I determine when disk is inserted into drive, so I could trigger neroDrive.CDInfo(NERO_CDINFO_FLAGS.NERO_READ_ISRC) to learn about the disc attributes?
I have added the following event handlers:
neroDrive.OnDoneWaitForMedia += new _INeroDriveEvents_OnDoneWaitForMediaEventHandler(neroDrive_OnDoneWaitForMedia);
neroDrive.OnDoneCDInfo += new _INeroDriveEvents_OnDoneCDInfoEventHandler(neroDrive_OnDoneCDInfo);
neroDrive.OnDriveStatusChanged += new _INeroDriveEvents_OnDriveStatusChangedEventHandler(neroDrive_OnDriveStatusChanged);

The handler for “OnDoneCDInfo” works fine, but I need it to be triggered when the disc is loaded into the drive


Hey Eugene,

I believe that those events are only for when Nero requires a disc inserted. For example, if you’re program is running and you manually open the drive then I don’t think any event will fire. Only when Nero needs to find information about the media in the drive will it open the drive and shoot off the events.

If its not that, you seem to have a firm idea of how it works, so perhaps you’re not checking the right drive? (if you have multiple burners)