Determine multisession does not fit onto DVD

Hi there!

I’ve written an application based on the NERO API that periodically (every week) backups files onto a DVD at our customer sites using multisessions. So far everything works perfect except that we cannot detect when the track to be burnt won’t fit onto the disc and that the user has to insert a blank DVD.

Right now I’ve implemented the UserDialog callback where I explicitely check on DLG_WAITCD to see if NERO_WAITCD_TYPE=NERO_WAITCD_NOTENOUGHSPACE but that is not the case.

My idea how to deal with that problem is to check if the required amount for the session to be burnt fits onto the DVD by calling function NeroEstimateTrackSize and compare the result with ncdiFreeCapacityInBlocks from NERO_CD_INFO to see if would exceed the free space.

Does someone has any good ideas how to deal with that problem resp. if my suggestion will work?

Thanks in advance, Pöchi

You are on the right track. Using NeroEstimateTrackSize() is the way to go. This is the exact purpose of the function.