Determine Maximum Speed

I believe there is a test in Nero called Determine Maximum Speed. I have been all over Nero and the Nero Tool Kit and I am unable to find it. Could someone please point me toward this test? Nero’s help menu really sucks.

Thanks a lot.

Do you mean Nero “Drive Speed”?

If you do, then you can easily find it by going to your start menu>programs>ahead Nero>Nero Toolkit>Nero Drive Speed.


Edit: I’d like to add that Nero also has a tool called “CD Speed”, which you can find the same way through the Start menu. :slight_smile:

When you’re not using the nero wizard, it can be found on the burn tab of the new compilation box.

Thanks Hitman4life. I am familar with the location of these tools. Maybe I am mistaken, but I thought there was a tool called “Determine Maximum Speed”. I believe it tests the CDR and the system and tells the best speed for burning. I am not talking about Smart Burn. Maybe it is somwhere in the tools you mentioned, but I can’t find it. Am I mistaken on the name of the tool I am searching for?


I’m sorry to say it but I’m not familiar with such a tool from Ahead (Nero).

Sorry I can’t be of more help.

Thanks compu444. I found it and ran the test just so that I could become familar with it. I must say that I find it quite worthless.

It told me that I could only burn the CD at 16X because the source (Maxtor IDE ATA 133 7,200 RPM HD) was too slow!!!??? I have been burning at 40X and sometimes 52X. So I burned the tested CDR at 40X. The record buffer level never dropped below 98% and the read buffer never dropped below 100%. I have heard that this test is quite unreliable. I just wanted to try it. So much for that.

Ah…it comes back to me now. Now I remember why I forgot it existed in the first place, lol. :slight_smile:

Just for the heck of it I ran the same test burning from my other HD (Maxtor IDE ATA 100, 7,200 RPM). All drives have DMA enabled. CDR was 48X. Burner is LiteOn 52X24X52X. Again I was told I could only burn safely at 16X as source of data was too slow. Again I burned it at 40X with no problems.

This tool is inaccurate and totally worthless.

yep. about as useless as the “simulation” option below that one. :slight_smile:

I get the same “16x maximum” message whenever I run the “determine max speed” routine. I also just read some responses in another forum reporting the same thing. Apparently this is a common problem.