Please can we talk about this for a moment? I hope I am in the right forum, if not please let me know and where I should post.
I am in the market for a DVD burner, to be used to make copies of Movies and home pictures etc., and have been doin the research, but if DVD’s deteriorate. Why wouldn’t I just be happy with VHS?
This is the main reason I am looking into DVD, Tapes I am told will deteriorate, so I figure, hey look cds last forever, why not DVD’s?
Can someone please elaborate on this… Thanks

CDs don’t last forever, so will DVDs not.
If you get a good and quality burn on quality media and hide the discs then in a dark, dry box they should last a while.

But ‘forever’, that’s a word like ‘perfect’. Just an imagination of something… :wink:

Perhaps if you burn same data to several disks at once each from different but top-rated manufacturers… and store them very carefully. If forever just means a few years to several years, DVD blanks should be at least as good as CD blanks for backup if you stick to the very good disks and burn them well.

Right now, tape is a more reliable source for storage. Some “reliable” media from just a year ago has turned out to be bad after just a few months. Currently there is a project going on to identify the lifespan of specific media. Until then, I’m saving my tape and sticking with TY and Verbatim.

I am not hearing this well. Lets see if I have you all right. All the software I have been spending thousands of dollars on over the last 5 years, is deterioating as we speak? And in a couple more years I can just toss it all out. You can’t be serious, are you? You all are just pulling my leg because I am a newbe, right??? :sad: :sad:

No, it’s the (sad) truth.

If you look at any computer generated storage media, you will find that they are all transitory. Hard discs die, 5.25 floppies are no more, tape back up is out of date, and optical discs will be obsolete as well. Everything we use to back up data needs to be backed up again and again. That’s just the nature of the system.

That is one of the reasons I invest in books. Even when 100 years old they still work.

I use good media (TYs) and I still check or make new copies periodically for my important stuff, but I haven’t seen any deterioration over a few years with TYs stored properly. Other media is another story.