Deteriorating CD quality scheme

I’m doing a research project, and I’m thinking that I once read about some new copyright protection scheme where companies were intentionally producing their CDs so that files became corrupt after a period of time. I’ve looked and I cannot find any articles about it. I’m not sure if the scheme is actually in use right now. Companies were viewing this as making CDs similiar to VHS tapes that deteriorate after a period of time. Does anyone else remember this? Does anyone have any links to information? Or know what I might search for?


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…I once read about some new copyright protection scheme
A Copy Protection Scheme is physical. Copyright is intellectual. Not this sort of forum for your inquiry but you might get some nibbles.

Yea I didn’t know if this was the right forum or not. If there’s a forum on this site thats better suited for this, feel free to move this thread there.

i thought VHS just went over time?
anyway VHS, dvd is here :bigsmile:

I remember reading this !
does this help? :iagree:

check out the link

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