Detecting Read Offset in EAC with LDW-451S




As you understand by the title of this thread I’m having difficulties with detecting the Read Offset in EAC. When trying to detect, the drive doesn’t spin up like it should and EAC stops responding in the “Detecting Overread Capabilities” mode. Then I’ll have to shut down EAC with CTRL+ALT+DEL.

Very annoying indeed.

My system specification:

Windows 2000 Professional, EAC v.0.95 prebeta 4
P4 with 512 MB RAM
Adaptec ASPI layer 4.60



I read at the EAC Forum (Digital Inn) about someone who got a LDW-411S to pass this detection by upgrading the firmware. I upgraded to the latest firmware (GSB6), but it still doesn’t work.

Edit: “Someone” had initially the same problem as me.


I thought I’d wait for a new firmware that could solve this problem. And… the GSB7 firmware made it possible to detect read offset and lead in/lead out characteristics!

Read offset correction: +12
Write offset: -6
Overread into lead in and lead out: Lead in only


Write offset: -6

thanks for this value!
the read offset is available at accuraterip
but the write offset I couldnt find anywhere…