Detecting QPel codec[JVC NP10S DivX DVD player]

This player doesn’t play well with Qpel…GSpot doesn’t offer info on QPel,B-Frames or anything like that.I’m wasting cdrs left and right…I can copy the movie back onto my HD and re-encode the avi with dr.divx in a few hours,but I’m trying to find a way to detect problems before I waste a cdr.


Sigma Designs offered a program with their MPEG-4 cards that showed such info. I don’t remember what it is called but if you decompress the Xcard drivers you’ll find it.

Sure it does!

Here you have Sigma Designs util, - 100 kbyte

Awesome…thanks for the link to AVI check…Now I need to figure out how to use it properly.

Airhead,what version of GSpot are you using?I took a movie that I knew had QPel and loaded it in my dvd player and got this:

Qpel error…took the same file and put it back on my harddrive and loaded it into GSpot and I get this:

I don’t have the bar on the left side that you do?I’m using v2.21 btw…

Nevermind,looks like your using v2.51 b…didn’t know there was a newer version out.Well,that solves that problem. :slight_smile:

Holy jesus thats some TV you got there! And yes, latest = always the best :smiley:

Just open a file and read:

File:  E:\Temp	est.avi
Total Streams:  2
Running Time:  0:23:47
Index Chunk:  Yes
Interleaved:  Yes
Max Bytes Per Sec:  0
AUDIO: 0 - MP3 (0x55)
     Average Bitrate Per Sec:  128 kb/s
     Samples Rate:  48000 Hz
     Channels:  2
     Bits Per Sample:  0
     SuggestedBufferSize:  8064
     Sample Size:  384
     Variable Bitrate:  No
     B-VOP: Yes
     S(GMC)-VOP: No
     [B]QuarterPixel: No[/B] <-- QPel
     Frame Size:  640 x 480
     Frames Rate:  23.976
     Color Depth:  24
     Total Frames:  34224
     SuggestedBufferSize:  117783

Elapsed Time  00:00

OK…I thought it was the quarterPixel thing.Thanks.I’m trying to figure out what the B-VOP and S(GMC)-VOP mean know…they seem to play a part in a lot of the files that have problems in the dvd player too…just not sure why.

Airhead,ya…the TV’s a beast…lol.60" inch Philips…still over a grand in debt trying to pay that thing off. :slight_smile:

B-frames should be fine although GMC may cause stuttering.

OK…one more question.I get a whole lot of movies(more than QPel) that when thrown in the divx player end up looking “embossed” and are unwatchable.When I say embossed,I mean the video looks really pixilated and the colors look like if you open an image in photoshop and choose the emboss option…all trippy colors and stuff.I’m assuming you guys have a divx player and might know what I’m talking about.I can post screenshots off the TV if need be.I just ran across another movie tonight that looked fine in GSpot and AVIcheck…but when I burned it and threw it in the player,it was geeked.Here’s the pics of the file if it helps:


EDITSorry for the huge pic…tried [bimg] tags,but I guess they don’t work here.

If your video is 512x208 in 448kb/s I can understand they’ll look poor. IMO they need more bitrate and preferably also a higher resolution. Your smearing-problem is probably related to the low bitrate.


You said that your video looks “embossed” when you put it in your player. I am not sure what kind of player you have but I have a Phillips DVP642 & I will have a picture come up like that as well. The picture will look kind of smeared when something moves across the screen. I don’t know what causes it but it’s simple to get it to play (at least in my Phillips). On my machine, when that happens I just push the system menu (not the disc menu) button, once the menu comes up, you don’t need to do anything, just return to the movie & the movie should then play fine. Don’t know why it works, all I know is it works and it’s a simple resolution to the problem.

the “smearing” effect is GMC and/or use of non-compatible mpeg-4 matrices, or mixing certain ones in 1st/2nd pass.

quartel pixel resolution (q-pel) is not supported in most players (new mediatek chips do), player will simply not load file if encoded with q-pel enabled (this is not software issue, but hardware, chip related and no updates will fix that). GMC is not supported in most either and those that support it have certain limits, eg warp 3 won’t play.

b-frames should work ok on most with enabled packed bitstream, even though advanced simple profile (ASP), one should test for a specific player and see how it handles them.

audio desync and “shuttering” often would be caused by improper audio/video interleaving, especially for AC3 (easily fixable … no need to re-encode)

480kbps video is way too low for full screen playback, no matter what. u need higher bitrate and proper inclusion of filters that would help compression at a minimum loss of detail. further make sure you deinterlace if interlaced source and for R1 in most cases you would need to perform IVTC.

i’d recommend the use of xvid since open source and plenty of enthusiasts out there, as well as guides and help. it is fully mpeg-4 compatible and will play in divx players. still this is a personal preference.

probably easiest program for decen quality is auto gordian-knot, for better requires somewhat more reading and learning but this does quite a good job. places like doom9 have easy and comprehensive step by step guides.

hope this helps some.