Detecting Protections with Clony XXL

But, ClonyXXL has a bunch of flaws as well. Best to stick with A-Ray Scanner for the most accurate results.

At least 2 of them don’t have their main executable protected, but another file (DLL or another EXE). So it’s normal that it didn’t find anything in the main exe.

Hi all,

I’m a newbie and I just use Clony XXL. I already using it and detect but I don’t know how to use Clony XXL with CloneCD so any body can help me.

Thanks alot!!!

I’m Using Clony XXL and when i’m running CloneCD from Clony XXL so I’m received message “No Parameters are delivered at CloneCD…” so I don’t know how to do the kind of protect detected is ProtectCD-VOB

So any body can help me


The real size of that CD ony 371MB but information in CloneCD is 93 minutes and very difficult to read that CD. Now I try to using profile ProtectCD_VOB I just down load but I’m not sure that is success. So I need yours help…

ClonyXXL is a useless piece of crap.
It detects MANY CD’s incorrectly as ProtectCD. (usually just having an illegal TOC is enough to fool this crappy software)
If you are actually interested in finding out what protection a game is using then the very 1st step is to remove ClonyXXL from your sight.

Try using A-Ray Scanner. It is very much more capable and accurate. It also is capable of detecting protections that ClonyXXL cannot.

“ClonyXXL is a useless piece of crap.”

yes now it is…but used to be the one to use
be gentle with it, now it is not supported anymore

You’ll find it here .

Best program ever. :bow: