Detecting hard disk

Hi, This is Bhanu. I have a 160 GB Internal hardisk in my system.
I was formatting it, suddenly the power has gone. After power came i started my system it showed me that no hardisk is installed.
I then went to Bios setting and saw in COMS settings, there it is not detecting it. So how to format it now. ““PLEASE HELP IT TO ME””.:bow:

Hi and Welcome!

Get the Diagnostic tools from the HDD manufacturer’s website, preferably the bootable CD-image and burn to CD.
This tool should allow you to wipe (“write zero”) the entire disc, so you can create new partitions and format them later.


Maybe first choose “auto hdd detection” within the BIOS.

If that fails, follow michaels advice please.

Unplug disk, Start Computer, then shut down and plug disk back in.

In Disk Management Go to : Action and press Refresh or Rescan Disks