Detecting digital channels - Sony xvd655

[qanda]This thread is about the Sony RDR-VXD655 - DVD recorder/VCR combo. Click here to see full specs[/qanda]I recently added a Sony xvd-655 DVD Recorder with a HD tuner to a Toshiba 37 Regza HD LCD. My problem is when I run autoscan it doesn’t seem to detect analog or digital channels. It only shows a picture via channel 3, and it is obviously not a digital picture. Maybe I have something hooked up wrong, but I have followed the layout in the manual pretty good. I am using a HDMI out connection from the DVD to the TV. I have Comcast (digiital service) going from the wall to the tv out to the DVD recorder. I also have rca cables running from video out of the cable box to video in of the DVD recorder. I have manipulated these settings several ways without any success. It seems as though I am missing something that is not in the instructions/manual. Any suggestions are appreciated.


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The coaxial connection from your arial needs to be looped through the DVD recorder, i.e. the main aerial cable connects to its aerial input and a second cable connects from its aerial output to the TV’s aerial input. In this setup, it should pick up the same set of digital TV channels as what your TV tunes in directly. Like watching a Comcast digital channel on the TV, the comcast digital receiver needs to be tuned on the channel you intend recording.

However, if the DVD recorder still will not pick up anything (or just that channel 3) with the aerial connected directly to it, then your recorder likely has a faulty tuner.