Detect.06 how good?



what are the strenths and weakness of this program? can ya trust it to setup clonecd correctly? any other programs ya suggest to use for burning copyprotected cdr

by the way i have a plextor 8x4x32t

oh by the way thanks to all the people that just post the frick’n cracks, “instead of send me email i’ll give it to you”. get a life! just post the bitch


I have not had a problem yet with with detect 0,6 and clone but its horses for courses because i also managed fine without it and just used clone when all said and done its basically CD-Cops which gives problems and i have read even that can be solved with the type of media you use although i can´t vouche for that.

as to your last comment its not always possible to post a link to something as somtimes the site you got it from is down or is no longer there, also not all people have there e mail address in there profile…


i really don’t see the point in these “clonecd helper” programs. for all i care, copy protection detect and perfect copy are both worthless. clonecd is already easy enough to use WITHOUT these programs getting in the way. plus, they don’t customize to specific hardware, so they’re useless for a lot of people.