Details for Audio 8x or 12x?

Hallo there…At last i found a great forum…
I hope i dont make the same question.
My conclusion is that clonecd is great for now.I think eac has many options that none has really complete understand…Never mind…
My question is simple…Does anyone have proofs that a rec in 8x and a rec in 12x have differences IN AUDIO CDS??Some says that it decreases the sound level(dB).Is it true? Please i want spesific answer…
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The copy should be absolutely the same as the original.
The proof:

  1. Read your original disc, create an image.
  2. Write the image, create a copy.
  3. Read the copy again, make another image.

Compare these images with fc /b under (4)DOS prompt.
No differences should be encountered.

If you can call THAT quality loss, then I don’t no that quality loss should be.
The condition is that you have corrected BOTH offsets on reading AND writing (as far as possible technically).

I think the quality of reading and writing at a lower speed depend on the device you’re using. I don’t think a Plextor drive for example will make lesser quality audio discs at a higher speed. A drive of lesser quality on the other hand can give more problems at higher speeds…

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I’ve been burning audio at 16x with my Litey 32x burner. No problems.

Hello i have record all my adio cd with plextor 40 at 24 speed
all the cd’s is okej

Try to play those in your car cd-player

even at 4 speed it sounds really bad

i copy much cd’s to play in my car and to me it sounds very good

Ok…We all know that a copy with a nice driver(plextor scsi…) will be just fine…

But my question is if a copy at 4x speed ,with a copy at 8x or 12x IS EXACTLY THE SAME???And i mean the same volume level or ANYTHING else…thank you…


you wanna know if copies made @ 4x and 8x are EXACTLY the same ?

I’m quite shure, no!
But only if you go to a very low level before EFM.
The data you finally get from your reader (the data passed EDC/ECC, etc already) should be EXACTLY the same.

The only errors which COULD occur are Jitter, Offsets or just bad samples. But the volume will stay unchanged, of course. Too many samples would have to be changed in order to get this effect. The burner doesn’t care about your volume, and also the CD-R doesn’t, no matter how fast it spins …

Just try it out yourself and compare your data. You don’t need a Plextor to do this. There are other drives which perform very well, too!

The only problems I can think of are jitter-problems! I think that these problems will not show up when you do a file-compare…

But I think, the jitter would have to occur on WRITING. I don’t know if jitter on writing exists, at all. If you compare files binary, ALL errors should be discovered.

My plextor makes horrible 8x audio disks it is a 8/4/32. The disks have so much trouble in portable cd players it’s pathetic. Sometimes a-shock needs to be turned off so it wont get stuck half way through a song. 4x disk actually also sometimes take like over a second to change the track, but that all depends on the player and the cd-r i used. I think this old plextor does crappy audio. Disks done on my friends yamaha cd writer work just fine. sill it is. Any one else have this problem. Could cleaning possible be the problem? If so how can you clean a cd writer?

Cheers! I´ve been cleaning my burner once and a while like this:
open your rw tray , turn of the comp.(with the tray still open) , run like he** and buy a can of compressed air (and run back) then empty the can INTO the rw, sort of towards the laser.restart and , häpp!Dont know if this is a no:1 solution but works for me! Thanks for your time.

Wow that sounds safe.

On my Litey burner, I seem to be able to get away with burning at 16x. All the disks play even in a cheapshit boom box.

I tried burning one disk at 32x, using 32x media. It would play fine in computer CD drives, but not at all in audio drives.

I use a Plextor 24x and I always copy at 24 speed. It sounds good. It works on my audiosystem, wich is 1 year old, on my dads, wich is more than 5 years old, and even on my brothers, which is a lowbudget, supercrap audiosystem. I didn’t even know that it is bad to copy at full speed