Detailed tutorial for clonyxxl

After searching with google and using the search option on this forum site,
I couldn’t find a single compete\detailed TUTORIALl for the application and use of CLONY XXL,
other then gathering bit and pieces from this forums,
so it would be " NICE" for someone (maybe even the mod) to post a detailed\comprehensive description utorial on this subject that so many folks have problems with.
What is really needed is a step by step instruction on what and how to use this utility including the virtual drive thing,
and why it’s needed for CLONY XXL to work, and so on,
it wouldn’t take too long for someone in the know to type and inform us on this important back up tool, PS: This post is not about the virtual drive “per se” , but a TUTORIAL for CLONY XXL! Cheers


Try not to post the same question twice.

I think I have answer your question in your other thread here.