Detailed description of firmware structure?



Link or something else…


Firmware is software… so anything should be clear.


entry point?
interrupt vector?
interaction with IDE?
read CD,CD-RW,DVD /write CD,DVD procedure?
CRC in page?


I am intresting Firmware FORMAT (not filters).
microchip ARM7 or other ?
May be some Guru know anything about it?
Help, please!


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I think no-one wants to give info out as there will be so many people trying to mod f/w and screwing up their drives. I have no idea about modding f/w. I just use what knowledgeable people let me use f/w wise.

Although i have seen some people get help. Very few here though.


A good starting point is to determine the model of the microcontroller in the specific drive you’re interested in. Then find out what architecture it uses and find/write a disassembler.

There is no universal structure for firmware files.


The most known core:
Hitachi H8S
Intel 8051
Zilog Z80
Matsushita 102000
Mitsubishi 7902