Destructive Mode Auto Strategy Force Speed

Is there a way to force the Plextor 760A to create a strategy for a specific burn speed with the destructive method? When I try, for example, to create a strategy for MCC 004, it always auto selects 16x - but I would like to use 8x instead. I am not seeing speed selection on the auto strategy settings page in Plextools to override this selection.

If you delete the entry for MCC004 in the database, set AS to auto and do an 8x burn with MCC004, the drive should create an 8x strategy for it in the DB.

Yes, it does… although that uses the “quick” method of creating a strategy. It seems that the “destructive” method yields a better strategy with other media that I’ve tried presumably because it spends more time testing. I was hoping I could find a way around it deciding the best speed.

I’ve tested with my bunch of 755As and I always get better results letting the drive do a destructive autostrategy at full speed even if I burn slower after that. At least within reasonable limits, like using 16x media and burning at 8x, which is what I usually do. Non destructive with the right speed has always been worse (mostly TY and Verbatim).

I was also concerned at first that there seemed no way to do a “full” autostrategy with the right speed, but after testing, I don’t perceive it as a problem anymore.

MUltiMan – So if it creates at 16x strategy in destructive, it adapts/uses that strategy for slower burns also?

Trying that now… yes with AS mode on it didn’t create a new strategy for a 8x burn after I had created a 16x strategy with destructive. Thanks for the tip.