Destination Size Problem


I’m testing the ratDVD, I did a ratDVD file from the RIP of the complete movie “Alexander” (2004), the complete RIP have 7.87GB, and the ratDVD file result was a file whit 2.94GB in the quality 150/150. I remain everything inclusive the DTS audio.

Then I put the ratDVD program to convert from ratDVD file to DVD, and selected on the destination size the size for DVD9, 8.653MB.

But where is the problem, the result was a folder whit the DVD files whit 4.28GB, and I did this twice.

The version that I’m using is ratDVD 0.6.1122

Anyone could tell me what a hell is happening? Is problem from the version ratDVD 0.6.1122?

Why do you have a problem with this filesize?
ratDVD made DVD files @ the best quality possible! Don’t expect ratDVD to make it back to the 100% 7.87GB !!! ratDVD takes as much space as it needs!

But where is the problem, the result was a folder whit the DVD files whit 4.28GB, and I did this twice.

When you converted back to DVD, did you set the Destination size to 8.x GB (double layer)?
Otherwise ratdvd will always try to fit everything to a standard (4,3 GB) DVD+/-R.


Thanks Triggerman for the answer to Ardo.Leon! lol

Triggerman, but saying that I don’t think that any DVD will come back again to the DVD9.

This really the way that things should work?

Remenber that I use in the making of the ratdDVD file the most quality possible, 150.

What is the size of the ratDVD file? Maybe the Movie isn’t very long?

Anyway, just how i said… i think ratDVD makes the output file as big as nessesary at the best possible quality!

Does the DVD play, how is the quality? In the last version (0.5) there seemed to be a problem with that 150 option. I tried to make a ratDVD at 150 and after hours it gave me an unplayable ratDVD file… I couldn’t even open it with ratDVD and get it back to a DVD…

Triggerman, same as Ardo.Leon? Making unnecessary questions? :bigsmile:

The ratDVD file size have 2.94GB.

The quality of the ratDVD in the movie is almost good (for questions of quality this movie isn’t the best).

The quality of the DVD output from the ratDVD is very poor, because of the compression that was given.

I’m going to test again whit another movie, LOTR1 Extended Version Disc 1. And because you said that there was a problem whit 150 option I will select another one maybe 125 to see. And then again from the ratDVD transform into DVD to see what it makes.

LOTR would be good, i guess… sorry for asking unnessecary questions :smiley:

But are’nt LOTR DVD’s Copyright protected? ^^

I still cant I still can’t make a DVD from a ratDVD file that have more than 4403MB. This is really bad for me, because when the ratDVD make the DVD from the ratDVD will have to shrunk much more that would if it was the DVD9 destination, So the quality of the video will be scarified.

Please tell me, anyone where have already make it a DVD9 from a ratDVD?

I’m using now the new version 0.7.1235.

I try whit the first disc of the LOTR extended version and whit the “The Negotiator”