Desperatly Need Drivers

I have YAMAHA CRW8824E and ATAPI DVD-ROM 16X MAX CD And DVD Drives. I desperatly need Windows XP Drivers for them. I do not have the original hardware disks that came with them…I looked on for the YAMAHA RW Drive and found nothing…I didn’t search for the ATAPI DVD-ROM 16X MAX there…
Plz Plz Plz Can somebody tell me where I can download the drivers for these 2 drives…I will be eternally grateful…I need them very desperatly! :sad:

Not familiar with that particular drive, but if it is internal, no drivers are needed. Windows XP will automatically install what is needed.

If it is external or you need firmware, try

How do I tell if it is internal or external…The reason i need the drivers is because i am currently running ME, and upgraded to XP Home. It didnt recognise my drivers then…Sum1 told me i need to download drivers for them …so thats why i needed em…
Since it dosent recognise my CD Drives, I could not connect to the net, since I needed to re-instyall the hardware for my internet modem…So i couldnt xconnect to the net…I reomeved XP and came back to ME and of course everything worked fine…But I still want XP…ASny suggestions?

firstly, upgrades suck. in any event, XP should install native drivers that recognise your cd/dvd units. try although they are the drivers that xp installs anyway.

Internal like it’s mounted inside the case of your system. As opposed to being connected externally by USB or Firewire.

use Google and just search for “YAMAHA CRW8824E” and u will get plenty of download sites - never thought about that?