Desperately seeking Lovey

anyone with a child that has a blanket or something that they just have to have with them to sleep know what this is all about. Me being a grandpa have had to turn around and drive back to get a child’s blanket more than once , but the look on the child’s face when you hand them there most important item in the world is worth it.

On the sixth day that Piwwo was missing, Bunting’s entire family seemed to have abandoned the cause — even Ryan, who was beginning to think that Bankie and Baba were OK substitutes.

But Mama Bunting wasn’t ready to quit. She loaded her boys in their double stroller again and tried one of the few places she’d left unchecked in their neighborhood — a bike path in the woods next to the subdivision. And there on the side of the path was a filthy, tattered, little white pillow.

Ryan hugged his friend, greeting Piwwo happily but matter-of-factly. It was his mom who let out a whoop of relief.

“I was the one who was like, ‘We’re going to find pillow,’” Bunting says, every detail of that day a decade ago still fresh in her mind. “It was more like a mission and a quest. For some reason, I just believed I could find it.”