Desperately Seeking Help

I have been trying and trying to back-up a legally acquired game with Safedisc 2.9.04 protection. All my efforts have failed - but created huge pile of coasters.

The copy disc usually runs as far as the logo and then I am asked to put the disc in again …and again… and again.

My burner is a Matshita DVD-RAM MUJ-850S.

There were no replies to an earlier post - not sure how to interpret this. Perhaps I should just give up.

See here and here.

Thanks Philamber for your prompt response. I will work through these posts and with luck…

Philamber - just an up-date. The CloneCD process worked OK. Interestingly though, when first testing the back-up copy on a different machine it failed. But, thankfully runs on my machine. Could this be because CloneCD is not loaded on the 2nd machine?