Desperately Seeking HELP!



Hello and thank you in advance for your patience with my long plea.
I am in desperate need of help. I am a new mom and I have quite the collection of Disney movies. Many that cannot be replaced. So I went out in search of information on how to get them to DVD so they would not be destroyed by my daughters little fingers. I was told to get myself a burner and an all in one wonder. With this done I was given a program to load my movies into my computer Intervideo WINdvd. Well disappointment set in as I found that all I copied was an ugly green screen, not to mention that it took all night long to convert my 1/2 hour movie to DVD format. So out I go insearch again and I am told that what I need is the WinTV pvr2. So I get it. Still having trouble converting, and with the green screen. So my husband and I discuss that we want a second computer and I go out and purchase a machine 3X faster than what I had … Still no luck. Finally someone smart tells me I need a video stabilizer in line … So I search and find one. FINALLY success… or so I thought. I copy my Lion King. Sit my friends kids down to watch it and the sound volume practically blows us out of the house. Not to mention that the bass is so loud it distorts everything else… (all the levels seem very high) SOUNDS LIKE CRAP. I am so frusterated. By this point in time I sould have purchased all my movies on DVD at least the ones that are released on DVD. Now I need some brilliant person to help solve this problem… Is there another program or something I can do to get normal volume levels? Please keep it simple for me if you can. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
Crying in my disney delemia.


There’s good and there’s bad.
The good, is that video takes a good computer to do right.
You’ve already spent the money on that.
You also have a burner.
You only need good software to go with your hardware.

1.) You need capture software that will accurately read the movie, and convert it to a digital format on your computer. Intervideo will work, not the best, but still reasonable. Make sure you understand how the capture process works, so you can get an accurate copy. You’re going to need to learn about aspect ratios, framerates, and what is dvd compliant.
2.) You need to capture into mpeg-2 format if at all possible. Intervideo should have that option. You need to know if you are using NTSC or PAL. If you don’t know what that is, you have more reading to do, depending on where you live.
3.) You need something that will author the movie you captured into the right format for burning. There are good, and there are some truly horrible programs to do this. Again, windvd is in the middle here. (providing we’re talking about Invervideo WinDVD Creator version 2.x or similar).
4.) You need a reliable burning program. Intervideo should also fulfill this, and although not the best, it’s far from the worst.
I would suggest you let Windvd create the files on your hard drive, and NOT burn directly to disk. You can then test it in a good software player, before you burn.
Start reading the tutorials, you have a LOT to learn :smiley:


Thanks Reboot for your reply.
I did allow windvd creater 2 to capture to my hard drive. I am Also a Canadian so I use NTSC. However it will only allow me to use composite not mpeg… not sure why. The picture quality is superb and the audio is where it should be I have more than one option as to how to burn my movie when I am done and I have no problem with any of them… my problem is that the audio level is very high and sounds aweful… I will go in and read the tutorials but is there another program that will allow normal volume levels?


A few ways to “fix” audio.
Audacity is a free program that you can use to “Normalize” it and lower the volume.
Goldwave is also excellent.
Even tmpgenc has a normalize and volume function to cut it down.
windvd2 doesn’t do anything to audio, except transcode it for dvd, so you’re going to have to do it externally, that is, in some other app.
Grab Goldwave, load your file, and click Effect, Volume, Change.
There are also some good filters for removing hiss, crackle, resampling, timeshifting, etc.
I haven’t used windvd2 for capture. I prefer to use virtualdub for avi (for things that need extensive editing) or Mainconcept mpeg encoder for mpeg-2.


Thanks again Reboot
I will give it a try.