Desperately Seeking: Genuine TAIYO YUDEN or MITSUI 74 min. CD-R Discs!

I hope some of you out there can help me.

I’m looking for genuine Taiyo Yuden or Mitsui 74 min. CD-R discs.

I don’t care if they’re branded/unbranded/printable surface and what not. Anything would be fine.

Whether it’s from an online store, a local store, a distributor…it doesn’t matter where they are located.

I must find more before I go insane! :slight_smile:

It would be helpfull if you mention what continent you are on. :wink:

Sorry, I thought I had my location in my profile before. North America. :slight_smile:

But it doesn’t really matter where the stores are located, as long as they ship to the U.S. that works for me.

I clicked on your link. Unfortunately, I only saw 80 min. TY’s.

via froogle, and looks a little shady or outdated since 80 min TY go for almost half that price in other stores.

here’s some mitsui- looks like it’s in the US too

Yeah, those TY’s are way too expensive. Those bulk packs scare me anyway. A couple days ago, I bought some TY 80 min. in bulk. I burned 15 discs and all of them gave me huge errors. I think TY’s in a “beehive pack” is the way to go.

On second thought, forget about cd-r discs with a printable surface. I noticed today that 5 TY’s with silver printable surfaces have been coming out of my car cd player with all these marks and scratches on them.

Unfortunately, I cannot find 74 min. TY discs with a normal surface.

TY only makes 80 min CDR’s. Anything else you find will be very old stock.

I know, that’s why I put “desperately” in the title. :slight_smile: :wink:

I don’t know why you want to get 74 minutes CDR. But if you do not mind 80 min. media look for the Blue Fuji 48X CD-R cake box which is maked as “Made in Japan”. Those are TY media for sure. And they have worked perfectly for me and others without exception.

Best Buy has truck load of them usually; as well as other chain stores. I don’t think you will have problem finding them at all. Costco might have them too.

Good luck.

74 min. discs give me a considerable less amount of errors compared to 80 min. media.

Look here for My CD-R Tests.

you are saying that YOUR drive in particular burns better on 74 min disks in another post. but 74 min media these days is more expensive and hard to find… so in the long run you are better off buying a new drive (one that is proven to burn well on 80 min media, and this is the place to find out about something like that…).

i was going nuts a few years ago when the 74 min media was getting harder and harder to find, a was mad at the manufacturers, and suppliers, and was shouting at clerks in Best Buys and and Circuit Cities who never really appreciated my concerns.

but hey, 74 min media is HISTORY, and you have to accept it. i learned to do it. i did not like it…

anyway, the 4,7GB DVD will be the 74 min equivalent as soon as the DL media becomes mainstream, so i feel good, since i decided not to jump on this dual layer wagon anytime soon, and it is not because i dont have enough stuff to burn. :wink:


I think you’re off on a wild goose chase.
You appear to be making some arbitrary judgement about burn quality based on the total number of C1 errors. This number has no real value in determining relative burn quality. Suggest reading the C1/C2 interpretation thread in the test forum. In fact, we have no direct evidence that ANY amount of C1 errors had an impact on the “readability” of a disc.

As long as max and average C1 values are in normal ranges, and there are no C2 errors, you have a good disc and you shouldn’t give it any more thought.

All right guys I’ll stop…when I find some. Bwahhahahahahahaha :bigsmile: :bigsmile: :bigsmile:…and now I will bathe in a tub of Jello.

I’ve struck gold. Searching 75 online stores/distributors, I found…

600 TY 74 min. unbranded discs.

Basically, an unlimited supply of TY GOLD discs. And no, it’s not the guy on eBay who’s selling them for $4.00 each disc. When was the last time anyone saw those? Were these crap?

300 Mitsui 74 min. These are the old ones…made in Japan!

All of you who doubted me shall kneel :bow: Now I will have total global domination! :bigsmile:

…I need to go to bed…

Just be aware that the TY is probably old 24x media

I know, but did you mean that maybe back then the discs weren’t as good quality-wise compared to newer TY’s?

No, they’re good discs (were), but they often get sold as 40x media. Many drives don’t do well with them above 32x.