Desperately seeking firmware - Sony DDU-220E-20

Hi all,

I have a project box I’m working on as an extreme low-budget HTPC, based on a Sony VAIO minitower that happened to fall into my hands. It currently has a Sony DDU-220E-20 drive in it, with the original 1.0C firmware.

The Downloads page at lists 1.0E and 1.0F firmwares as also available, but has no links to download them. I’m having trouble reading DVD’s burned from -R’s on my main system (NEC 3500A) that read just fine in my newer Sony DVD player and in my LiteOn 167T (also in my main system). If anyone could help me find the 1.0F firmware, or failing that, the 1.0E firmware, I’d be extremely grateful. It may be difficult to put a different DVD-ROM drive into this system due to its small layout, so that’s my last resort.