Desperately need your help

It’s been a while since I bought my Lite-on. I did a lot of different things suggested from what I found in my search, but all seemed not to work. I’m very frustrated and hope that this nice forum can help me out here. And I’d like to thank in advance for your help.

OK, here’s the problem. I can burn DVD and watch it on my Lite-on but not on the Panasonic CV52 stand alone. I tried different firmwares and media brands (Imation -R, Khypermedia -R, & the even the DVD+RW that came with the drive). They all failed. A friend let me test his Imation+RW and the Pana read just fine.

  • If I can watch the burnt DVD on the lite-on drive and can’t on the Pana, does it mean my whole burning process is fine and that the Pana just simple can’t read that particular media? And I need to try a different brand?

  • If you don’t think media is the cause. What else should I try?

PS. here’s more info about my setup. My current firmware level is FS0H. I do have the Lite-on as master and use the 80-wire IDE cable. I already tried different dvd burning softwares (Nero(6, 3, 0, 2), Sonic MyDVD (4.5), VSO CopyToDVD (

thanks for all your help and responses.

according to dvdrhelp, , ur player doesn’t support +rw. Apart from saying try other -r media, I’d say try some +r with or without bitsetting. keep us posted

Firmware FS0H supports bitsetting on DVD+R /DVD+RW…:slight_smile:

Thanks for responses. OK, I’ll try it when I get home today. That’s right. Even the Pana’s user manual does not list DVD+RW as being supported, but the player read it perfectly fine. Unfortunately I don’t have another dvd player to try my burnt DVD on.

  • My question still remains. If I can watch the burnt DVD on the lite-on drive and can’t on the Pana, does it mean my whole burning process is fine and that the Pana just simple can’t read that particular media? And I need to try a different brand?

  • It’s probably more than likely that some of us here have that Lite-on & Pana (CV52) combo. How did you get it to work?

Thanks much

I have the same problem with my liteon 411s drive and my panasonic rv32 player. I have not had a chance to test these dvd’s in any other standalone players, but all burned dvd’s will work fine in my liteon drive. I think there may be some issues between liteon drives and panasonic players.

My question is, will future firmware versions have the ability to solve these issues, or is there a current firmware version that will surfice.


Did you ever get your problem solved? I’m having the same problem with my Pana CV52.

I also have this problem with my Panasonic RV32 player. Disks worl perfectly on my Sony standalone and on both my PC DVD drives.

Seems the Panasonic is not as good a reader as some other systems…

The only way ive been able to manage to play dvds burned in my liteon 451 drive on my panasonic was to use dvd+r disks and change the booktype setting to dvd-rom.

I probably wasn’t clear in my previous email. Most -R and -RW discs work perfectly in the Panasonic as well as my other players.

Some won’t work in the Panasonic but will work OK in the other players. There seems to be little rhyme or reason to it, but I know that sometimes the discs have had high PI/PIF figures but not always.

Really? You can get -R’s burned on a liteon drive to play in your panasonic? What model burner have you got?

That was the problem I had, any disks burned in other model drives would play fine in my panasonic except for those burned in my liteon drive, which would play fine in any other player. Talk about luck.

Hello everyone,

I’m new to this forum and maybe my opinion can help people in here.

I also have a Panasonic DVD-CV52 and a new Liteon DVD SOHW-812S burner in my computer with last firmware.

My DVD-Rs are not playing well in my Panasonic machine (poor picture quality, freezing, chapter skip,…). They do however play very well in two other players from my friends (one is Pionner and I can’t remember the other one) and in my computer LG DVD-ROM. Problem is there with TDK and Princo -R medias.

I spend a few $ (canadian) in order for a qualified tech to verify my Panasonic machine (which is 2 years old now) and reports to me that everything is in normal parameters (within Panasonic specs).

Following what I have seen here, I trully think my Liteon is THE problem. It does not seem to “burn strong enough” on the media so my player has difficulties reading it. I only had the time to burn around 15 disks and, on two occasions, the burner was working (little red light on front), the software (Nero) acted like the job was done ok, and the disk was empty. I mean not even touched by the beam. Nothing. All I had to do was restart the process with the same disk and everything was ok. So I am now in the process of returning this units to the store and buy another one (LG GSA-4082B which has the same specs., my first choice before I bought the Liteon). This was also suggested by the tech.

I may be able to give you some news in less than two weeks, time for me to burn again (with the new LG) some of the DVDs I have problems with and play them in my Panasonic player.

By the way, there are threads in other forums (I can give the links if asked for) speaking about a firmware upgrade for the Panasonic machines (v082) which is supposed to improve the player. I downloaded the file and upgraded mine (was v032) and the problem was not solved (oin fact, nobody told that kind of problem should be solved).

Bye !

try using DVD+Rs and changing the booktype on them to DVD-ROM. that should work.


Looks like this problem is very specific and few people have this kind of problem. I suscribed to another forum (AVS Forum - DVD Players) and did not had any answers from anyone.

Anyway, I solved it.

I’v been wrting to Lite-On tech support and they responded to me several times.

I can say that Lite-On support is quite good and responses really answer your questions directly. They don’t send you typical answers which match your questions the best.

They suggested me different things like trying the drive in another computer, trying different (they insisted on supported) medias, etc. I did not change anything !

I also tried the medias I use in my neighboors computer and burners (Acer) and they play very well ! I did the same thing with another burner in another friend computer and the disks play very well !

So I decided to change the burner with a LG GSA-4120B (dual layer) and everything is working fine ! I’m lucky that my reseller accepted to take back the Lite-On drive.

Sorry for Lite-On. Maybe it’s a good product, but for me it was not working. At that time, I thought that Lite-On was better than LG. Maybe it is but what I have been through makes me think LG is better.

Goodbye Lite-On. Welcome back LG.

Poolet, if your message was for me, I didn’t had the time to try it. I wanted to solve my problem with -Rs before try +Rs. Anyway, I’ll try it later. Thanks anyway.

So you really didn’t solve it at all. You just got a new burner.

Yes I solved it !

I even tried another lite-On burner SOHW-812S (same model #) at the store and had the same problem with the disk ! The problem IS THE BURNER compatibility with my player which I own for more than 2 1/2 years. Media is not the problem. I cannot change my home player and I don’t want to. I could not do anything else than what I did if I want to use DVD-Rs.

I have tried everything Lite-On support asked me to do and even more, like things found in forums and by myself !

Nice Try !

No you didn’t solve it, you just got a new burner.

So, still the only work around to this issue is to use DVD+R’s and change the book type setting to DVD-ROM.

Nice Try??

Looks like it !

But like you said, your way to do it is only a work around, not a solution.

According to everything I’ve seen and went through with my home player tech, my DVD burner reseller and Lite-On themselve, the only DVD-R that will play in your Panasonic home player will not come from your Lite-On burner. Since I don’t like work arounds at all and I had the possibility to change the burner, I did it and now I can play DVD-R in my home player like it should be.

Maybe that everything written in this thread and my experience is not enough to convince you about it. I don’t have a problem with that. But if you want to use DVD-R, change your burner, otherwise use DVD+R and wait for Lite-On to find a solution (I hope you have time for that). I don’t have anymore time to spend in waiting for them. Even if they supported me in a way that I’ve never seen before, I’m the kind of person who wants a product that works for me and if it does not work, I send it back.

I know it is not possible for everyone to change the drive like I did because mine was new. I’m sorry that I did not found any other solution considering the amount of work I did and also considering the amount of info (and also work) done by people in here.

Like I said in my second post to this thread, the one I started in “AVS Forum - DVD Players - Panasonic problem with DVD-Rs” a few week ago did not had any reply at all. Looks to me that this problem is very specific. I think we are lucky to have found ourselves here having the same problem and be able to discuss about it. Thanks to HaEnuf for starting this thread.

Toasta, the “Nice try” was only a small comment about the way I felt yesterday when I looked at your post. I felt like you did not think I have done anything else before changing my drive. I was tired and just spent the night before beside my 16 months daughter’s bed at the hospital (she’s fine now).

Sorry if I offended you, it’s not my style.