Desperately need help [TEAC CD-W58E]

I have TEAC CD-RW (CD-W58E) and it seems that I’m doomed to use only Roxio/EZ CDCreator ):
I’ve tried Nero, CDRWin, CloneCD but with no success ):
“It’s your problem” – you’d say, and you’re right.
But, I’m asking here in a hope that someone already had (and solved) same problem…

Also, mentioning TEAC CD-W58E in hardware compatibility list as Compatibile Recorder gives me hope that something can be done (:

I have:
Windows 2000…
latest and regular ASPI…
CD-W58E with (latest) 1.0A Firmware
great desire to make it work in CloneCD and Nero (:

Thanx in advance!


Please, be more specific:
What kind of probs do you have?
Make sure the DMA transfer mode is properly set.

Well, what does it mean “more specific”…
In CCD I select for instance Matrix.ccd image and choose write… I receive message:
Manufacturer: TEAC
Product: CD-W58E
Revision: 1.0A

Device Capabilities:
Note: This information is provided by the unit, it might be inaccurate. CloneCD does not use this information!
Can write CD-R Discs: Yes
Can write CD-RW Discs: Yes
Compatible with CloneCD RAW-DAO: Yes
Compatible with CloneCD RAW-DAO Write Simulation: Yes
Supports writing of CD+G RAW-DAO: Yes
Compatible with CloneCD RAW-SAO: Yes
Compatible with CloneCD RAW-SAO Write Simulation: Yes
Supports Burn Proof / Just Link: No

Info on inserted Disc:
Disc can be erased: No
Disc is empty: Yes
Free space on Disc: 826528 kBytes
Sectors: 359849
Time: 79:57:74 (Min:Sec:Fra)

when I click OK it fills up buffers and gives me message:
Writing to TEAC CD-W58E Failed
I tried once more now and f***ed up one 700MB CD ):
(for the first time it started writing something and then stopped)
I’ve tried with CCD and earlier…

In Nero, I make compliation of data and start burning and it goes then:

Start of burnprocess at 8x (1200 KB/s)
Verifying CD position of item 0 (relocatable, CD pos, no patch infos, orig at #0): write at #0

SCSI Target error
all writers idle, stopping conversion
conversion idle, stopping reader
Invalid writestate
Could not perform EndTrack

I hope this is specific enough… or not ):
Any help is highly apretiated…

Mmmmmhh…this is quite strange!
It cannot be the ASPI Layer, because CloneCD doesn’t use it…
Wait! Your drive isn’t supported by Clone! Try it in SAO-RAW.
Disable the DMA mode: Hardware settings/IDE controller (take the bus your burner is attached to)/disable DMA mode

And, if it helps - I own you a drink (:

I’ll try to find some info in Win2k Help or on the Net…