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I just recently purchase memorex 16x dual±format double layer dvd recorder (my first dvd+r purchase) and it wasn’t burning at 16x so then therefore i research on it and thought that it would burn at 16x if i update my firmware (new to firmware) memorex posted a firmware update but it wasn’t for the model I have even though the description is exactly the same. Every time i try to update memorex firmware they would say nec 3520 couldn’t find correct drive or somthing like that. so then i research about the memorex I have and found out it is a lite on 1673s rebadge. So from there on I search many forum and found out that i can update the firmware to lite on 1693s (KS04). So after flashing the firmware using omnipatcher everything was updated with no problem. But then when i burn the cd it seems slower than my original firmware. then i try to change the firmware to 1673s jso7 and it has the same result. Not just that i just recently learn about how to use kprobe and 1673s and 1693s produces so many errors i couldn’t believe this!!! Some of the DVD i burn have no sounds. Other didn’t even play… SO IM IN DESPERATE NEED OF HELP!!! I would like to reflash my firmware back to the original which is Memorex DVD16+/-DL4RWlD2 16x firmware: JWS5 As I said earlier this was my first DVD purchase and I have no clue what firmware can do to my drive: I search for the JWS5 firmware but they are no where to be found. So if anyone has the same firmware can you please make a backup and send it to me at or if you can tell me where i can get it that’ll also be great. I really need the JWS5 firmware back please help! thanks in advance

try this link for memorex,

On the right, near the bottom is a link for 4 16x burners

Good Luck

Same problem!!! The link provided above, once downloaded & opened, says it is for a NEC 3520A v1.A3

Hi snazzy memorex, can u tell me the model number; ie. model number 3202-3292.

Thnkx Sasarchiver

The model is 3202-3292 but cod65536 has the JWS5 firmware THANK YOU SO MUCH!!! all of you I really appreciate it. I’ve been looking for this firmware for a good 2-3 days now but couldn’t find it at all. Thank everyone for replying and trying to help out. and code 65536 your awesome man thanks again.

Guys I’m having a little problem after going back to the original firmware. I tested the cd/dvd test with nero and transfer write simulation test with kprobe as the test goes everything seem well until it’s about to hit 16x which it doesn’t and it drop down to 13x and end it there for both test. For example the test will start from 4x-6x-7x-8x-9x-10x-11x-12x-13x-14x-15x-15.8x-15.9x-11x-12x-13x test end. Is my DVD writer damage? I first tested when i first bought it and it doesn’t act like this. I think I did damage my drive…

Im not a famaliar with kprobe, havent had time to sit and fiddle with it. But as the write test thing goes i have read a few comments on this burner when looking for your FW (thnkx to code65536 he got it for ya), and a few people are saying they dont get to write at x16 fully. the average for one guy was 11.3 i remember. Though the problem can be elsewhere, ASPI, DMA etc etc.
maybe someone else can answer this for you as there are alot of good people who know there stuff :wink:
hope you solve ur prob…sasarchiver

PS i did read something actually about a patch to make dvd writing speed faster, what was that again…Mmmm. It was from memorex site, update the nero suite or something, may not apply to you but worth maybe checking out???