Desperately need help for LG GCC-4242N

Hi guyz,

Please help me out, I have been through this for dayz and still got no clue at all.
I have a Thinkpad T42 with a HL-DT-ST RW/DVD GCC-4242N combo drive. Before, I used to be able burn CD-R with this drive. Sometimes ago I reformat my computer and I still could read the disc from this drive and then one day I decided to burn some ISO image with this drive but it didn’t work anymore, i tried various burner software, ISOrecorder, CDburnxp, sonic … but all got errors…and stop in the middle of burning.
For CDburnXp it saids:
Writing Error: (3) Error occured writing data to disc
Unknown error use extended data for more information (1051)
Error sense data: SENSE KEY: 5 ASC:21 ASCQ:2

I tried to burn normal data instead of iso image but it still doesn’t work

so i begin to search on the net, some suggested that update the driver may help, some said that the drive may have broken down(which i really hope not)
for the driver update, i am so desperate that I can’t find a driver for the GCC-4242N (i went to the LG site, ibm site, they just haven’t got it).

So could you guys give any suggestion, where to get the driver update or what kind of software to use, or maybe any trick to solve this???