Desperately need extended warranty info for Pioneer DVD recorder 640hs

I purchased a Pioneer 640h from Amazon about 2 months ago and looking for a good extended warranty company. Well basically any company other than the one Amazon offers.
The ratings are so bad from the one offered at Amazon I dont trust them. Also you have to buy within 30 days of purchase from them.

Does anyone know of a place to buy a good 2 to 4 year plan?
I saw a company called Warrantech (sp?) but no way to contact them and no info on Google on how to contact or how to purchase from them.
I am totally at a loss on how to get any info on how to purchase a plan or even find one.
If anyone can provide a link or any info I would be most greatful!!!
Like I said It’s a little over 2 months old and Google has not been any help.
The company at Amazon is rated really bad. I cant believe Amazon dosent offer alternatives.
But anyway, please help if you know of anyway to get one and how to go about it.
Thanks very much.

you don’t say what country you are in. There are companies in Australia.

You are absolutely correct.
I apologize. I thought it was in my profile under my user name. I will change that now. Thanks for calling that to my attention.
I am in the USA and guess that’s where I would need to buy from.

But with already 32 views and no help or should say no ideas yet it’s looking doubtful that anyone may have an answer.
I wonder if people are just not buying “extended warranties” anymore?
I normally dont but this was about a $400.00 purchase and from what I have been reading Hard Drive Failure is common in the early use or after a year or so with these products. $400 is a lot for a year or two of use (if that long) to me.
OK, anyway, I’ll keep checking the thread… as I stated “any” help…suggestions, links, ideas, options, etc. are most appreciated.
Thanks again,

Thanks to the 82 people for your time stopping by to read my post. At least you tried even if you didnt have any answers.
I’ve yet to find how to work out getting one.
I guess no one is buying them anymore…which I can understand for the cheaper throw-aways electronics. But with this purchase I thought it might be worth it.
Kind of funny. I’m trying to give away money to a company and no way to do it. :slight_smile:
Thanks again and I’ll keep asking and looking around.

Wow, up to 122 views. I really appreciate everyone’s time in checking out my situation.
Just sorry that none of the viewers has bought or had to buy an extended warranty warranty.

Looks like I’ll have to forgo it for this purchase and hope for the best.
Between Google and searching on Forums, no luck. Nada.
I guess the old saying that everything you want or need is on the web is not entirely true. :slight_smile:
Once again I thank you all.