Desperately in need of assistance

Hello my name is Dolly, I am not to computer savvy. Recently rented a movie on redbox and tried to watch it on my computer and the program that worked before is not working now. I do not know how to fix it. It keeps saying: Your input can’t be opened:
VLC is unable to open the MRL ‘dvd:///D:/’. Check the log for details.
Your input can’t be opened:
VLC is unable to open the MRL ‘dvd:///D:/’. Check the log for details.
I do not how to check the log, or where the log is. My system recently upgraded to windows 10 and Idk what happened but I even had to contact my cable provider for my internet to work. Please any advise, I really would like to watch the movie with my kids. Thank you in advance.

Hello Dolly

When you put the DVD in the disc drive, and you look in My Computer, does the icon of the disc drive change and show the title of the movie? Here is an example on my computer, where I’ve inserted the movie Serendipity.

If this shows up, then you should be able to access the disc properly. Start VLC, click on Media at the top left, then click on Open Disc. This should let you navigate to the DVD and let you start playing it. If that doesn’t work, you can also try clicking on Open Folder, then navigate to the disc in the drive and open the Video_TS folder.

Thank you for taking the time to answer me. What happens if the name of the movie does not show it just stays as dvd rw drive or D:? Does that mean the movie is not good?

That means the disc is not being read in the drive, and no player software will be able to access it. Do you have any other DVD’s that you can test the drive and VLC?

Are you certain that the disc you have is a DVD and not a Blu-ray? Blu-ray discs cannot be read in ordinary DVD drives.