Desperate need of 7.2 V Ni-Cd special battery charger

Hi there,

recently I’ve been in possession of two STANILITE Ultra High Frequency handheld radio transmitters.

Pictures on

My main problem is that their battery (7.2 V, Ni-Cd) is down and they do not even last 10 seconds if I press ON.

But what’s the matter ? They have a special battery system. I mean: normally, 7.2V Ni-Cd pins (o = pin) are positioned this way:


my STANILITE, as you can see from the pictures, do not have this kind of pin. Instead, they have

o ooo

I’ve been travelling a lot on electricity shops, Internet… and have not found a way to charge these batteries.

STANILITE Electronics, a former producer of electricity and radio systems, was in 1996 acquired by A.D.I. (Australian Defence International) Ltd. I have contacted THALES Italy. WTF?! Thales?! YES, the manufacturer of TAGES protection!

They have answered with an email address of ADI Ltd. I have sent an email and the Land & Joint Defence Adressee has said that he will help me.

My hope is still alive, but a bit of time has passed and I have received no answer.

So my desperate question is: do you know how to get a battery charger for them ?

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