Desperate ! help please!



You have to give us some more information. Like what program do you use to write with. Some advice already:
try different software and make sure your writer is supported.
What you can try is using Discjuggler it supports all writers. Just use that to make a 1:1 copy. If that fails you can be pretty sure your writer itself is the problem.

Good luck,


I purchased a mitsumi CR-4802TU a week ago, and I haven’t been able to do anything with it…Everytime I get it set up, and hit test/burn…the error message ‘parameter list length error’ pops up, and aborts my attempt…Anybody have a suggestion? I’m brand new at this, and I’m about to give up !!!


I use the adaptec software that came with it: EZ CD creator 3.5C, DIrectCD 2.5C, with firmware revision 2142…I also have Nero I wanted to make backups of my playstation games, and my audio, but I never get past the test…always ‘parameter list length error’…What does this mean anyway?