Desperate Help needed! Photo backup readable with console DVD but not DVD-ROM


I know I know I should have checked my backup beforehand, but I am truly SOL if I don’t get this fixed. 3 years of my kids lives are on this DVD and I can’t get 2 DVD-ROM’s to read it. I’m sure I used Nero to backup.

Funny thing, when I place it in my Sony console DVD player, it reads the files and starts a slideshow. I have tried the ISOBuster program and it won’t let me read the disc either. I’m desperate!


Welcome to the forum :slight_smile:

The only solution is try to read the disc with as much different drives as possible (ask to your friends if you have only a single drive). Usually in this way most of data can be recovered from a faulty disc, because some drives are able to read files that other drives are not able to read, so with some patience you can recover at least most of data :slight_smile:

Then, after you recovered data, burn again on a proved quality disc (Verbatim and Taiyo Yuden are the very best available currently)

Hope that this help :slight_smile: