Desperate for help with FABPlatinum

Hi all…new around here and not even sure if I’m in the right place for help. I’m having major issues with FabPlatinum and am so frustrated I’m ready to throw my burner out the window.:a

What’s the issue/problem?..

I’ve had Platinum for over 6 months now…all of a sudden last week I went from registered user to Trial user and didn’t have time to deal with it so in the meantime was going in under the trial. now tonight was making backups and one went through fine…all others following as they are loading Fab disappears…

Where did you buy it from? Just double click your key it should go back to registered to you.

I bought it from DVDIdle I believe. I did go in and get my key code and it now shows me as the registered owner again…but it is still closing everytime I put a movie in to load. It’s when the “open DVD Source” starts…FAB closes.

This is the link for Stormjumpers clean uninstall-never failed me to get it back working right. This is for xp if you have vista he also has one for it in his signature.