Desperate for help (Nero Backitup - Restore)

My harddisk crushed and I did back up some important files using nero backitup.

Nero version 6
Backup using CDRW

I can’t restore them as another source is requested. Example, on the backup disk (CD), its named as GricInc1 yet the program is asking for Gric_1 and the NB Serial required for the backup is diff from whats in the disk.

However, when I opened the backup file (contained in the disk), I can still see
the files I need in nero backitup (restore).

The files I need are in the disk and restoring function not working. Is there anyway i can extract those files i needed without using ‘restoring’ ?

I am desperate in need of any help that can be provided.

Please, and thank you for any advice on this matter

Kindly pardon my english

Anyone? Help please…


I have had a similar problem where BackitUp would not restore my backup at all.

I copied the .nc_ file off the backup disk to the hard-drive, renamed it as .zip. It then opened in my Zip program (ZipGenius) and I could extract my files that way.

You can try this as it may work and if it doesn’t, you haven’t lost anything.

You might also want to use a different backup program in the future. I have read other sites and it appears that Nero BackItUp had problems with the restoration of backups and does not always work.

Where exactly is the .nc file? as I’ve looked thru my discs and can’t find ANY! there are .nba files & I’ve tried changing the ext of these to .zip but when trying to extrat I just ge the error “No Archives found”


hi, dont know if it helps but i solved a similar problem with nerobackitup 4. .nba files are zip files just rename them. now search in the .nba files for .nbi files (these are sort of backup-job-setting-file). I renamed all .nba files into .zip and searched them using windows search (maybe u have to turn on searching in compressed files in folderoptions/search) copy them into C:\Users%user%\AppData\Roaming\Nero\Nero BackItUp 4\Files and hopefully the program will find the old jobs now. if not. get a good filemanager. rename all .nba into .zip and extract the data manually… no fun. ps.: BackItUp sux