Desperate for assistance (PLEASE HELP)

I am using ver retail. It works okay for a while and the after a period comes up as unregistered and wont accept the key anymore.

Is this program doing an online check, if so how do I stop it doing this.

Any help appreciated as it is driving me nuts having to uninstall, edit the registry and reload, only for it to happen again.


dasdas :confused:

I can tell you this, it does not have a online registration check…

it sounds as if your copy isn’t accepting your registration key. that version isn’t that old and if it is only working 30 days at the time then you should have only had to edit the registry once. this behavior is common with registration keys that have been blacklisted.

go here and log in with your email address and password and download the latest retail version. then if you encounter any more problems send an email to along with your registration specifics and we will investigate the problem and correct it. be sure to include information about your operating system and any other burning software you may have installed.