Desperate! Brand new drive won't burn DVD but will CD

I just bought a new internal HL-DT-ST DVDRAM GSA-H10A. I would like to burn back up files to DVD. I have windows XP and the drive came installed with Nero express 6 software. I can burn a CD to the drive but no luck with DVD’s. It saves the image file to my hard drive but will not copy anything to the DVD. I bought a pack of Memorex DVD+R disks to use and can’t get a thing on them. It keeps wanting to save the files to somewhere else on my computer and will not put anything on the disk. It is like it doesn’t recognize the media or something. It does recognize the drive in my computer though. Can someone please help me in plain English because I do not know any technical terms. The drive is only 2 days old. :confused: Thanks.

This is a burner to let you things BURN onto cd or dvd media, not copying.
Update Nero.

Just a thought
In nero burning rom you did select DVD and the recorder you wanted to use?

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Just to check a few things :

  1. You did use Nero to try and burn those DVDs, not just drag and drop files into the writer in Windows explorer, right? I’m asking because windows explorer can burn CDs this way, but not DVDs.

  2. When you first start Nero express, there is a drop down box which lets you choose what drive to use to burn stuff. It should say something like “HL-DT-ST DVDRAM GSA-H10A” (which means write to your new burner) rather than “Image writer xxxxxx” (which means write everything as image file to your HD). If this is not what it says now, just click on the drop down box and change it.