Desperados... again!


yep, I know I can search for topics but I want some new information!

So I tryed copy Desperados - Wanted dead or alive but it got new laserlock!

and I tryed copy that using clonecd (newest) and settings:

read subchannel data from data/audio

intelligent bad sector scanner!

by the way reader is toshiba 6602b

and writing:
don’t repair subchannel data

burner is mitsumi 4804te

I hope you can help!
I got now few coasters! (bad sector scanner fails if I use scanning sectors 100-1000

thanks for help!

I recently tried to copy a laserlok2 game with clonecd and failed.
(Baldurs Gate II expansion Throne Of Baal).
I couldn’t get a working copy at all.
I tried both v2.8.5.2 and and failed.

Then I gave Blindread/write a go, AND THE COPY WORKED!!

So blindsuite enabled me to make a copy of a laserlok 2 game that clonecd couln’t.
My gear. Toshiba 1401 dvdrom as reader.
Liteon 24x as writer.