Desperados 2

i ’ ve just purchased Desperados 2 cooper’s revenge .
i tried to scan the disk for protection but neither array scanner nor protection id showed up anything but when i try to run the game it scans the game like a starforce protection . i tried the starforce unistall utility but it turns up that there aren’t any drivers.
so i tried to make an image with alcohol
the disc from windows shows as 2,9 gb but the image is 4,37gb and plus i couldn’t get dpm scanning it crashes :sad:

any advice would be helpful :rolleyes:

Protected with TAGES v5.5, impossible to create a working backup with available tools.

is it even impossible to create a working image (what software to use?) and mount it in daemontools for example?
and why does not find the Aray-Scanner any copy protection?

It’s possible to emulate Tages with DT4 but you need a tool that backread dvd in order to dump twin sectors needed for the correct authentication.

what tool can that do?
which software (blindwrite/ccd/alc) shall i use to make an image?
i read a lot about tages today, but i just found old information when tages first came up (motoracer for example)
and there is always discussion about cd, not dvd.
can anyone help?
best regards,

I don’t have (and am not interested in) Desperados 2, but I’ve heard lots in game forums about tages being all that starforce was not.

The game has been out for a week and the only copies available online are un-cloned ISO images with no cracks and no way to actually run the game.
Available cracks are, according to comments in the torrent sites, all fake and/or trojans.

Now, when tages does eventually get cloned/cracked subsequent games will be easier to clone/crack as well and will probably not take this long.
Still, it bothers me that there’s a protection out there that can actually claim unbreakability (for the time being).

Edit: mind you, I’m NOT asking for links to cracks/images or instructions on how to get them. I’m not interested in the actual game, just the protection.

can Game Jakal Run this game???

Not if the game is protected with Tages.

I understand this game has tages ver.5.5 !!
no emulation or copy method available the previous workaround TETRIS is now blacklisted so for the time being you must use your original disc! :sad:

Is anybody moving against this protection?

hey guyz do somothing about it.bcauz if TAGES become uncrackable then every gaming company will run for it.specially UBISOFT bcauz they already a** kick STARFORCE.

no new game by UBI has starforce 3.GRAW is free from starforce.

this new version of TAGES 5.5 makes all the problem.
one more information TAGES 5.5 also install drivers like starforce 3.but no reboot is required.

not even a single person make a working backup copy???

Also Tages (Fahrenheit for example) installs its own drivers in c:\windows\system32\drivers directory. It’s only a matter of time.
But with a proper “daemon” Tages 5.5 can be emulated as well as the previous one.


Does anybody know somehing about TETRIS *.tdf files and can i launch game with *.tdf?

Yes you can but only for Tages protected games. Since newest Tages 5.5 Tetris is blacklisted and it doesn’t work anymore.

What do you mean blacklisted? How this protection works i can try to crack it!

This will be really a big stain on the honor of the crackers if they cant find the solution to this new copyright technique. Guys, do something, dont just watch and see like me. :doh:


Define “proper daemon”.

I mean that like tetris emu is a sort of “daemon” that emulates twin sectors, so it could be possible to create another kind of program (like tetris) for bypassing actual blacklist of Tages 5.5 and further versions.

well, it is now cracked by PCGAME (Tages 5.5)

more infos please …