Desparately seeking wall mountable divx dvd player

dvdrecorder or anything else is a bonus, the idea is to put it behind/in the wall bracket for my 32 inch lcd and have the tray visible when open either on the left or right hand sides.

any suggestions / links welcome

ps have already asked on separate threads whether the AMSTRAD DX3092 or the LITEON LVW-1105HC+ can be used on their sides so if anyone can confirm this that would be cool as their small footprint is ideal



Same here, not much luck yet. :confused:

Some I found on the net that may be suitable are:

  • DK-Digital DVD 367
  • Scott DMX 10
  • Umax “Chili” style 630x

NO clue as to whether these devices are any good to begin with, as they seem relatively cheap, and playing DVDs in a vertical position must be more tricky (i.e. expensive) than horizontal…

Good luck (and if you have found anything that works and is affordable, please let me know!)

Dr. Gonzo