Desparate please help...Plextor 40x12x40A not working right

Guys I need some major help… I got my Plextor 40x12x40A about a month ago and havent got it to work yet. My system is a P4 2.4 gig Win Xp. I have installed the latest ASPI layer 4.71. I cannot burn any CD’s successfully…every image, bin and cue, iso etc that I try to burn ends up creating a coaster.

I even try just burning some small video clips to a CD…they burned successfully but when I played the videos were all distorted…I then tried burning some MP3’s and they burned but there was static when they were played back.

Please Help Please Help,


What do you mean by “creating a coaster”? Did you try to back up a protected game and it didn’t work? Did you create the image files you burn yourself or do you get them elsewhere? Using image files you havent produced yourself (apart from it being potentially illegal) will usually get you a coaster (in the case of a protected cd) if the image is not made correctly. Or is it that you just get buffer underun problems? But still the burnproof technology should prevent you from getting coasters

As far as the clips and mp3s you burned:

  1. Are you sure these files didn’t have the problems you mentioned before you burned them?
  2. Which program did you use for burning them?

The Clone - Down & Dirty Pt 1 thread in the CloneCD forum can be a big help. Lot’s of info in there which might help you!

Are you sure you installed the drive itself correctly… I.E. Jumper settings correct for cable location. and have you tried to toy around with the jumper settings, like my burner is set as primary for the jumper setting but located on the secondary slave cable.