Desktop Screen goes ERATIC? Virus?



[SIZE=“4”]Crazy happenings on my desktop and in any other applications.

While I’m on the Internet, or just on regular software programs like Microsoft Word, when all of the sudden, the mouse cursor starts flying all over the place, the START window pops up,the admin log-on screen opens up, and a few more windows open up to where I pretty much have no control of anything.

I have AT&T Yahoo protection,and Norton, and run scans every other day. All I usually find is one tracking cookie which I click 'FIX",until it’s no longer a threat. (so I think)

What other types of viruses cause this, OR maybe something entirely different is going on here.
Like What? This is usually a pretty stable system.
Thanks for any help.:bow:[/SIZE]



have you tried another mouse?


P.S.: All that “security” stuff does not help at all if you are logged in with admin privileges.


Here what I think is going on your mouse has too much in the mouse unit itself. I should know if you have track ball mouse it’s time to take those screws out and clean out the dust bunnies that are making your mouse a home. Just like your desktop you have to open to clean out the dust bunnies. It seems to be full of dust causing erradic mouse reads and button presses. So if you have a screw driver take out the screws and you most likely will see lots of dust built on the points that contact the track ball and where the LED read the mouse ball movements. This is assuming you have a traditional mouse with the removable track ball on the bottom of the mouse.


I took the ol’ trackball out of the mouse, sprayed a little Co2 canned air inside, but it did not look very dirty, nor did any dust fly out of there. So you think it’s a mouse problem and NOT a virus?

I don’t have another mouse, so if this keeps up, then I’ll try to buy another mouse.

What I meant by ADMIN Log on screen was really a Start up/Task bar window, the shutdown,restart,and cancel window, and other windows. I don’t use the admin functions. Thanks!


Well did you try to take the mouse apart to see what the inside looked like? But if taking it apart and cleaning on the contact that contacts the ball and leds then your mouse might need to get replaced or tested on another computer to see if that problem shows up.