Desktop or Laptop for DTP/graphic work and general business use?



Hi all,

I was hoping to get some feedback on the optimum spec for a system, which will need to be more then capable of handling some heavy DTP and graphic work, as well general business apps (I guess that’s a given with any new system).

Since I’m out on the road more, a laptop would be nice, but I’m concerned there isn’t anything out there capable of handling graphics work like a desktop (I’ve been looking at the Acer Aspire 1800 series, budget won’t stretch to the Ferrari range!) .

As CPU goes - Intel is obvious for the job at hand, any suggestions on graphics cards? Remember this is supposed to be a workstation, not a gaming PC!

Any help greatly received. Thanks


I’d seriously go for an IBM Thinkpad, not the fastest laptops around but very solid and very good build quality. Have a look at the T42 :slight_smile:


You will find a laptop to be considerably slower at crunching large files and such.
So if you go that way, get the fastest hard drive you can find and the most CPU power you can find.


A standard P4, mobile or centrino then?


If you can plug it in somewhere, no harm in a standard P4 in a Laptop, but if you want to get any realistic battery life, it has to be something with a smaller appetite for the electrons


How about a Dell M60 or M70?

The coolest laptops are those ones from :slight_smile:


Not thort bout a lappy with a AMD64?



Pentium M is what you want.



If this is mostly going to be a mobile desktop (not really relying on battery power) go for pentium and the fastest hard drive you can.

Your biggest challenges are going to be getting a solid video card and good hard drive. Personally I would look at IBM or Dell. Dell Precision Mobility line has Quadro and FireGL video if graphics is really a priority. I would go with Dell only because that is what I have had and used most (You dont argue when your employer provides you a $2000 Laptop) and the only issue I have had is a bad HD, after 2+years of heavy daily use. Besides it gave me a excuse to get a 60 GB 7200 rpm drive. :iagree:


I’d go with a desktop with those of applications. Intel is a tad faster with multi-tasking if the program is supported. Not much in the upgrade department with notebook. Plus you’re dead if you drop the computer…big repair bill unless you have a Panasonic TOUGHBOOK. IBM sold the notebook to a Taiwanese company. More craps from Taiwan.