Desktop manager

i am looking for a goos virtual desktop manager. search didnt bring back much for results…and google just gives a bunch of sites of different desktop managers up for download. are there any that have particular advantages over the other?

other than getting another monitor (which i cant afford at the moment since i am a poor student), does anyone have a good recommendation for a virtual desktop manager? i have windows xp if that helps at all.

um, recently downloaded cool desk (i believe that is the name)…if i were on my computer i would check right now. does anyone use such a piece of software? i think this would be the right forum, though feel free to move this into the noob forum if necessary. thanks for any help.

this is the right forum for this :smiley:

i was browsing software at sourceforge and came across one earlier today. perhaps you could try there?

a better bet would be to move to linux :wink:

If you own a NVidia card, you can install nView (comes with the latest NVidia Detonator drivers) to manage up to 8 (I believe) virtual desktops!