Designer coat/sleeping bag



A coat/sleeping bag designed for the homeless good or bad idea

I wouldn’t mine one myself.


It kind of shows more homeless are expected . So sad in a way.
I noticed they were womens’ coats but maybe they just didn’t include the ones made for men .
If it was really cold & I was going to sleep outside the coat is what I would want when I crawled into my real sleeping bag.

The coldest night I ever spent outside was on a deer hunting trip.
(Not a very long trip & none of the four of us got a deer . Or even saw one).
I was around 14 . Smarter now as I wouldn’t hunt on public land . A good way to become a target & statistic. Well game warden "How was I supposed to know deer aren’t orange " ?
Or the story about the proud hunter stopped by a warden with a mule tied to his hood . "What do you mean that’s not a mule deer "?
Back to the cold hunting trip . I had a good sleeping bag & we were in a tent. It got down to -2° F that night & snowed too. I was warm enough but could still feel some cold.
The rest of the story is the older man that took us was the brother the friend that was our age. This kid( his younger brother) didn’t have an actual sleeping bag. He had made one out of one folded regular blanket ; safety pinned togather on one side & the bottom. My other friend & I had also rolled an extra blanket in our sleeping bags. We enede up letting the kid with the blanket sleeping bag use those.
He was OK enough after that. Now that I’m older I wonder how his older brother ( not just a little older but about 12 years older) could have let him take such a light “sleeping bag”.


How old is that article?

The only thing new about her coats is that they have a buy one, give one free to the homeless policy.
Employing homeless women is not new, nor is the coat design, nor is the giving to the homeless.

Is the huffington Post even a legitimate news site?

Most the articles seem to be tabloid “an alien kidnapped me, probed me and now I have an alien love child” …


Debro, last time they took me I had my batteries changed. So far, so good. :wink: