Desert storm burning help



i cant burn conflict.
at all.
i have alcohol 120% but i dont know how to use it very well
all i want to do is install the game .
i dont care if it says insert cd.

HELP MEEEEE (please)


hello pugz, because you are going to use no-cd patch for the game, you don`t care how it gets copied to ur system . well explain yourself otherwise get fired…


im very sorry u must have misread did i say anything about a no-cd patch


well , u had mentioned the no-cd patch in the other post. if you copy an original cd properly , there is no chance of getting " insert correct cd" . allright, bye


it is not illegal to MENTION no-cd patches and I did not say that I would use one


but you did say some warez site name . also, why did you say " i dont care if it says insert cd" in first place if you dont use no cd patches…


silly me :stuck_out_tongue: .
i will say again i did NOT say that i would be using a no-cd patch.
it is my buisness if i use a no-cd patch,NOT yours.
now u can give me advice on burning conflict,
or stop asking stupid questions that i can get out of.


well, first find out the cd protection by using Clonyxxl and use the respective protection profile in alcohol .


Let’s all be friends here.

The rules clearly state what is and what is not allowed. Discussing no-cd patches is considered against the rules of this forum and will thus result in an edit or removal.

Back to the question.
I don’t know much about the technical side, but I do know that certain things are also hardware dependant.

I understand you are trying to backup Desert Storm, but I missed the type of writer/reader you used to make the original backup.

Another possibility may be the use of virtual CD Rom software…but of that I know even less (search my be of help, if not in a direct answer, it might help you narrow things down)


dont worry any more i burnt it finaly
i just fiddled around with some options(took a while)
then by luck i actualy burnt it thanks 4 your help anyways