Dept of Homeland Security is hacking into Xbox & other game consoles

Dept of Homeland Security is hacking into Xbox & other game consoles.

[newsimage][/newsimage]The Department of Homeland Security is working on ways to hack into the Xbox, as well as other game consoles, to obtain whatever personal information they can from the devices. DHS plans to target overseas consoles to avoid Privacy Act issues related to US citizens.

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But a lot of real communication happens between people in this form
"And therefore we need to monitor, capture and CONTROL it!"…

sheesh DHS … thinking the terrorists will somehow communicate via Xbox Live or use Kinect to train new members?

“Ok Habeeb, Up, up, down, down, left, right, B, A. Thats how you can get 100 lives for your kinect kontra…Oh by the way, I have a plan to bomb a building”

"Freeze mister! This is the DHS and we have got your sorry ass!

Did you or did you not supply the Konami Code to foreign countries!?!?

Do you want us to waterboard you or will you confess!? Do you have any idea what the impact of the Konami Code has on civilizations?

Don’t you care about the children??? Well… DO YOU???"

Konami Codes don’t kill children … thermonuclear flowers do …

They must have more control!!

More control!!

And it’s about time, too.

Boy, do you realize how dangerous XBox’s are? When you load them up with fuel for coast-to-coast flights, and then plunge them into all of our skyscrapers?!!

We are now SOOO much safer! Yessirree. This is clearly wisely-spent gov’t money. Uh huh.

I bet those Blackwater contractors are getting millions for these contracts, too.