Dependable DVD-"reader"



Hi all. My first post here. I’m looking to purchase a DVD-ROM drive to help alleviate the load on my Burner. It doesn’t have to have top-notched writing attributes as it’s just going to be primarily a CD / DVD reader. I’ve looked at many of the suggestions and they all seem to be in the $50-$60 dollar range. Any models out there you can recommend that’s about in the $25-$30 range instead? I know cheap doesn’t equal quality but am curious if perhaps I might have missed a model out there that is. :wink:



Okay, is the Sony DDU1613 (rebadged Liteon 167?) still a dependable DVD-ROm? Or should I get this DDU 1615?

Or is the Sony CRX320E a better option?


Either the Liteon 167T or the AOpen 1648/AAP are the two top contenders. I am not sure which Liteon the Sony DDU 1615 is based on. I would hae to guess it is the SOHD-16P9S and the codeguys say the hardware is totally different from the 167T so it could be a while until they have an opinion.

AOpens are hard to find in stock and the 167T has been replaced so it is hard to find as well. I have used both; get whichever you can find.


I like AOpen 1648/AAP pro or Lite-On XJ-HD166S. The difference I found between the two is the AOpen is a lot fast ripper. Other then that you can’t go wrong with either one. You might have a hard time finding 1648 but I see the 166s still around for around $30. Good luck. :slight_smile:


Thanks, all. Those 2 seem to be hard to find drives. I’ll keep ym eye out for them though. Are the two good at reading? I don’t burn that much and the extent of their workload will probably be just loading games or software.


I did a search in yahoo and found one of them and yes they are all good readers.
Lite-On XJ-HD166S DVD-ROM Drive
Good luck. :slight_smile:


Yeah, I checked pricegrabber and resellerratings. All seem to come in white though, or beige. :sad: What I meant to say in my previous post was that they’re hard to find in black. :wink:

Is there a rebadged version out there from another company?


Did you try I take it you want black?
Good luck. :slight_smile:


Awesome. Thank you. I totally forgot about that site. It led me to a small yahoo business that has received good ratings thus far with resellerratings. I should be getting a new LiteOn 166S in a week or so. :slight_smile:


I just noticed has an Aopen 1648 for sale but the model no. i something that doesn’t match up with Aopen’s website. Is this just a regular 1648 and not AAP or Pro?