Department of Justice scores first criminal P2P Convictions

I just posted the article Department of Justice scores first criminal P2P Convictions.

  Last  August the Department  of Justice (DoJ) issued search warrants on 5 homes and offices of an  ISP on the group known as the "Underground Network".  Now the DoJ has issued its...
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and life goes on

LOL, 5 years of jail because they used P2P…it is clear that USA are ruled by corporations…this is very sad :r

“Both of them are required to destroy all the equipment used for the infringing copies…” Huh. I’m not sure if this is just stupidity or outright malice.

:frowning: Too bad they (DOJ++) don’t expend as much energy to track and catch the major terrorist guys!!! ten again…47% of the us VOTERS DID not VOTED FOR bUSH…BUT SOMEHOW, the Red-Stae-Guys (Bush et al) THINK (err sorry) imagine the US electrorate gave them a BIG victory! LIFE IS STILL STRANGE!

They are reacting to major terrorists!!! Rumours are that every p2p network is owned by Bin Laden and that those networks are used to destabilise the economic system of the good ol’ USA…think about it: the multimedia industry pays the governement,the governement buys weapons and fight the terrorists… Now what happens if the multimedia industry only gets just enough money to buy there mansions with swimming pool and Rolls Royce’s,but has no spare dime left for the politicians. This brings us to the fact that they probably consider every filesharer a terrorist,hence the heavy punishments for those who are trapped…:d:d

Get your perspective from the point of view of the Patriot Act… and every American Citizen in the entire country is viewed as a terrorist… This act supercedes every americans rights and civil liberties. Under the guise of “protecting your freedom” they have permitted a police state and given up the very freedoms that so many of them died for. Now thats just F*&k’d up!

How can you write that 1 GB is considered “large scale”? That is practically nothing compared to most dc hubs. There are some users on dc who share over 1 TB. What are you going to say about them then? It’s funny how the multitude of edonkey and dc hubs haven’t been targetted by the RIAA/MPAA ages ago. Instead, they attacked individual users. Go figure…

Funny that. 911 resulted in the re-election of Bush, the entrenchment of the Arms Industry in the US, a windfall for US monopolies in the East and the destruction of the Civil Liberties paid for with blood by Americans in their war of Independence! The best way to control a populace is with fear, and your Americans sure are frightened! You have given up the thing you held most dear and what the rest of the world admired you for ! If you allow thugs like the MPAA and the RIAA to continue to dictate to your government you will soon be sending your citizens on ships to penal colonies for recording an episode of their favorite TV show they missed while at the cinema ! Oh how the wheel turns ! Australia could become a penal colony again! Send them on down WWW the waters fine!

this is great news

tinku: Why am I not even remotely surprised to see you post that. If anyone was a RIAA / MPAA apologist with those acronyms tatooed on his **** it would be you. Fortunately there are countries and people more enlightened than that… (and always will be)

I hope the guy just “donates” his equipment to other hubs… lol if he’s given THE MAX PENALTY… he’ll be rit back out in 5 yrs. Don’t hubs say stuff like if ur law enforcement please leave or stuff like that? and dl’ing is ONLY for education purposes? does that give him any defense?