Density/Contrast of disc Labels

Using LightScribe Simple Labeler with Nero 9 …printing labels on Verbatim LightScribe DVD+R Disc’s …I am not Impressed with Density/Contrast of final product…Have not done to much of this…am I missing something that may improve end result…TNXS Muzzo :confused:

For best results use the max quality setting when printing, convert any images to black and white and play with the brightness/contrast in an image editing application.

I’ve heard that printing multiple times on the same disk can improve the contrast, but I’ve not tried this myself; I’m too impatient!



If you want better etching simply re-insert the disc and print the label a second time.

It will be darker with better contrast.

Also, adjust the settings in the Lightscribe Control Panel for more contrast.

Is it worth it?