Denon introduces first 1.1 Blu-ray player

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Today, Denon Electronics introduced two of its new DVD products, the Denon DVD-3800BDCI Blu-ray disk player and the DVD-2500BTC BD-ROM Disc Transport. The new players are expected to be shipped out…

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What i$ the cost?

Never mind. I went to Denon’s website. The 3800BDCI is only $1999.00. So we have another bargain Blu-Ray player coming! What a deal!

what a price…LOL priced perfectly to match the price of BR movies…sadly no HD DVD competition…more suffering… :r

Et tu, Denon?

Denon and Bluray were made for each other! :+ Frankly, considering Denon’s past history of products - I’m surprised it’s this “cheap”. It’s funny, the same people that fall for this overpriced and overhyped videophile/audiophile hardware also have kept BestBuy afloat purchasing “Monster Cables” because they can tell a “big difference” in the signal quality. Oh and their audio receiver has vacuum tubes. :r :S
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WTF ?? 1st profile 1.1 players ? I think you mean 2.0 profile… Crabby, we’re not falling for anything, we are perfectionists. High-end audio cables make a huge difference over standard cables if you have good equipment and good speakers. I have the ear for it. High end video cables over average cables, not as much. But they are definaltely noticably better compared to the cheap cheap cables that come with DVD players. High end video equipment also renders a much better picture with less artifacts etc… then cheap crap players. The DVD picture of my XBOX 360 is far superior to the picture on my old “high-end-at-the-time” Panansonic RP-93 player that cost $800 in 2001, and was considerered top notch at the time. But today’s XBOX 360 superior hardware renders a much more clean picture with less artifacts etc… believe me I have done side-by-side tests. You laugh at vacuum tubes ? Perhaps you are not aware of the fact that they provide a far more natural, clean and open sound over transistor technology. The best sounding guitar amplifiers still use tubes…

The DVD-3800BDCI and DVD-2500BTC were announced months ago. The DVD-1800BD is the new model. :S

@ivid- I am talking Denon vs Oppo at ~10% 0f the price. I know Oppo does not have a Bluray yet, but they are working on it. My guess is it will hold it’s own against any Denon for a heck of a lot less. Also, about cables- read this… Maybe your a better audiophile than these guys. I think a double blind study is in order. Even so, I put my money on no one being able to tell the difference. Here is the post from over at Audioholics- “One last thing regarding your comment on replication and judging the ability of componants to bring you nearest the original sound (my words, not yours). I’m so sorry, but I do not buy into 90% of the hype brought to us audiophiles by the commercial sector of our hobby and the home entertainment industry at large. My brother, an audio engineering whiz kid has proven to me what is real and what is not. Let me rehearse with you an example of how he does this. We gathered up a 5 of our audio buddies. We took my “old” Martin Logan SL-3 (not a bad speaker for accurate noise making) and hooked them up with Monster 1000 speaker cables (decent cables according to the audio press). We also rigged up 14 gauge, oxygen free Belden stranded copper wire with a simple PVC jacket. Both were 2 meters long. They were connected to an ABX switch box allowing blind fold testing. Volume levels were set at 75 Db at 1000K Hz. A high quality recording of smooth, trio, easy listening jazz was played (Piano, drums, bass). None of us had heard this group or CD before, therefore eliminating biases. The music was played. Of the 5 blind folded, only 2 guessed correctly which was the monster cable. (I was not one of them). This was done 7 times in a row! Keeping us blind folded, my brother switched out the Belden wire (are you ready for this) with simple coat hanger wire! Unknown to me and our 12 audiophile buddies, prior to the ABX blind test, he took apart four coat hangers, reconnectd them and twisted them into a pair of speaker cables. Connections were soldered. He stashed them in a closet within the testing room so we were not privy to what he was up to. This made for a pair of 2 meter cables, the exact length of the other wires. The test was conducted. After 5 tests, none could determine which was the Monster 1000 cable or the coat hanger wire. Further, when music was played through the coat hanger wire, we were asked if what we heard sounded good to us. All agreed that what was heard sounded excellent, however, when A-B tests occured, it was impossible to determine which sounded best the majority of the time and which wire was in use. Needless to say, after the blind folds came off and we saw what my brother did, we learned he was right…most of what manufactures have to say about their products is pure hype. It seems the more they charge, the more hyped it is. So you see, my friend, that is why I have joined up with this site (audioholics) because their approach to good sound and education to acquire good sound and video is based on science, not hype, hypnotics, placebo effects or wishful thinking. My best regards; Dr. Bob Dean” :slight_smile:
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@ Crabbyappleton Chicks with big posts turn me on. :slight_smile:

Crabby my friend, better cables are more of a factor when using high-end equipment through the whole audio “chain”. In all fairness, the biggest factor is your ears. A musician or true audiophile can hear and notice details in music that others will not. I own several sets of MIT “cables” but they are of different grades. I put “cables” in quotes because they are technically an “audio network”, not a cable. I have 1 of each T-1, T-2, T-4 and T-6 models, T-1 being the highest-end and most $$. I can tell you all honesty that I can hear a difference in audio detail between the T-1 and T-4 and T-6 models. These cables actually have to be broken-in and they start to reveal their fullest audio detail after something like 50 hours of use. They actually come with a disclaimer sheet / user warning that the sound may be a little “flat” until this burn-in period has passed ! I thought it was a joke. But after the burn-in period passed and I started to test them out, I noticed details and textures in the sound that I had never heard before. It helps that I was doing a “biased” test, in the sense that I was listening to the same songs that I was very familiar with and knew very well. When you start to notice new sounds and subtle background instruments in songs you thought you knew very well, its a bit of a thrill. Its almost as if you’re listening to a remastered version of the music. Those cables I am talking about are the interconnect cables between my CD player and receiver. In my case I am using a high-end CD player, receiver/amp and speakers, and those are critical factors, as is the type of music. Using “average” equipment anywhere along the chain, the better cables become useless.

@ivid I think the concern when buying cables is how far away your equipment is from source. For instance speakers, the further and further away from the output the larger diameter wire you will have to use due to signal degradation over distance. Copper is copper if you ask me and conducts in the same way as another copper atom. Personally, I use 14g speaker wire if I am not running it through a wall. 12g is better if you are running it through a wall. Monster cable is over hyped and over priced. It is over $1.00/ft sometimes $2/ft compared to going to Lowes and getting same quality at just over $.10/ft. So to sum it up, it is the distance and diameter of the cable that is the biggest concern in determining what cable to buy. I wouldn’t be surprised that the only difference in those cables you mentioned is just the thickness.

Amen! This is how I feel Shaolin. Ivid- the problem with your argument is there is no way to prove it one way or another without some blind testing. I hazard to guess you would find yourself unable to detect a monster cable in use if you were not privy to the knowledge that it was in use. This is what the engineer demonstrated to his brother the PHD. You certainly “feel” you can tell the difference and I feel the same way sometimes. What is needed however, is a scientific study. I don’t doubt you have better than average hearing, especially if you are still young- under 30. But, I do doubt you could detect the difference between monster cable and good 14 guage wire. I really do! Another clue this is probably hype. If monster cable really thought their product made such a difference, they would FUND such a blind study. Imagine how this would affect sales! But I am sure their own engineers have told them this would be a serious mistake as copper is copper. Just as long as it is reasonable length, which most home setups are. Due to they being the only ones with a vested interest in proving ther own hype, and since they can’t- you will not see anyone else fund such a study. Maybe a good science fair project for some high schooler.
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